Instructions for requesting the samples


Requesting samples

Before submitting the sample request, it is highly recommended to read the network access rules

To request samples the Researcher should firstly register, by filling in the online form (all fields are mandatory) and then fill in the Request Submission Form.

The Researcher can select specific samples by going through the catalogue or alternatively submit an open request (no sample selection). In both cases the project has to be briefly described.

Only after the request evaluation and approval by the Access Committee, the Researcher will receive the appropriate MTA form which has to be signed by the Provider and Recipient’s Institutions, respectively.

Further details on the procedure for requesting the samples are described in the TNGB user manual.

If a request is submitted with some minor missing information (e.g. partial description of the project, no biobank indication, typing errors, etc..), it is not necessary to cancel the request and submit a new one. Please just send the amendments required to theTNGB Support Office.

The request status (e.g., awaiting documents, preparing samples, shipped, etc...) will be automatically email notified. Alternatively, the Researcher can also check it through the User Management Menu in the login area.

In case of prior contacts between a Researcher and a Biobank, it would be greatly appreciated if the relevant Biobank could be clearly specified in the Project description/Note or previous agreements of the online Request Submission Form.


In the case of publication of results obtained using samples of the TNGB catalogue, Users shall include the following in the acknowledgements:
"The [name of the Biobank which provided the service], member of the Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks (project no. GTB18001), funded by Telethon Italy, provided us with specimens"