Network membership

To join the Network, Applicants are requested to send a letter of interest to the Fondazione Telethon Scientific Office.

Fondazione Telethon will support newly approved biobanks for their integration into the TNGB platform and provide them with the biobank database software. Once admitted, new entries shall adhere to the Network Charter and implement TNGB forms and procedures.

Network Organisation

Network Board

  • Coordinator and Biobank Director: Luca Sangiorgi
  • Biobank Directors: Mirella Filocamo, Chiara Baldo, Roberto Cilia, Alessandra Renieri, Elena Pegoraro, Maurizio Moggio, Marina Mora, Giuseppe Merla, Luisa Politano, Barbara Garavaglia

Advisory Board

Coordination office

  • Lorena Casareto, Operations Manager

Current members