Network membership

Telethon financially supports only Genetic Biobanks belonging to the Network.
Membership is subject to yearly Telethon Biobank Committee approval. To join the Network, Applicants are requested to send a letter of interest to the Telethon Foundation Scientific Office.
After one-year pre-admission period, required for implementing the Network's procedures, newly approved Biobanks will be admitted into the Network.

Network Organisation

Network Board

  • Coordinator and Biobank Director: Mirella Filocamo
  • Biobank Directors: Chiara Baldo, Stefano Goldwurm, Alessandra Renieri, Elena Pegoraro, Maurizio Moggio, Marina Mora, Giuseppe Merla, Luisa Politano, Barbara Garavaglia, Luca Sangiorgi

Advisory Board

Coordination office

  • Lorena Casareto

Current members